Vegan Diet, Vegetarian Diet: 8 Healthy People Discuss Why

Vegan Diet, Vegetarian Diet: 8 Healthy People Discuss Why

– Adopting a vegan diet, or a vegetarian diet, is an excellent way to maximize health. The vegan lifestyle or …


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  1. keeyk118b

    i am eating only one palm sized portion of meat a day and feel breakfast and lunch is vegan with soy and grains and veggies and fruits. dinner is rice meat and veggies and fruits. i used to eat 4 portions of meat a day.

  2. Yasumin Noguchi

    I just became vegetarian a week ago. I adore animals and every time I ate meat I just realized that this meat was once something alive with feelings and I just now cant ever eat meat because its so sad especially how they are treated before they die. they get to see other animals die in front of them and I am sure they can understand that will die too. they ate tortured and trapped in little cages until death how cruel humans can be and no wonder why there is so much suffering in the world.

  3. Llokky

    I became vegetarian at the beginning of this year and its amazing how good it feels! I got in shape, calmer, got healthy and i can work forever now without feeling stress or getting tired. Now I think I'm going towards veganism and the cool part is that my doc says its awesome what i do!

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