Vegan KETO What I Eat in a Day! (Keto Bread + Low-Carb Sushi)

Vegan KETO What I Eat in a Day! (Keto Bread + Low-Carb Sushi)

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  1. miguelsilf

    I hate vegan keto. It is very extreme and sucks but in the other hand i do like the vegan intermittent fasting or omad.
    Most days i fast for 18 to 20 hours but from time to time i omad so far I've lost 40 lbs in 4 months. You get addicted to feel good and not so full all the time. Plus eating all the amazing fruits and vegetables i want is amazing.

  2. Sherry Lu

    Coconut oil is extracted from the meat of the fruit. It contains mostly saturated fat, which is also found in large quantities in butter and red meat. Like other saturated fats, coconut oil increases LDL cholesterol, commonly known as "bad" cholesterol, which has been associated with increased risk of heart disease.

  3. Allison Patricia

    Xyla is not zero calorie. There are 10 calories per tsp as compared to the 15 cals/tsp that is in sugar. I do believe it is a lower glycemic index option as compared to white sugar, but I'm not an expert. Just thought anyone counting calories might want to know 🙂

  4. patty 8873

    I just bought king oyster mushrooms for the first time because I saw them at Hmart and knew they were used to make a vegan version of something but I couldn’t remember what at the time. It’s vegan scallops. I’m trying the recipe tomorrow. You’re going to chop them and add to a stir fry?

  5. Romaniya Voloshchuk

    Hey, I've tried vegan keto twice, as well as regular keto before I decided to stop eating animal foods.

    I've come up with some tips for if you wanted to try it long term – I've noticed it's resolved a lot of my health issues (mainly with digestion and skin). A lot of people swear it helps their mood, and I remember in one of your recent videos you said you suffer from depression (better now, but still not perfect). I think it would be cool if you could do this diet for a month or so and report back on how it affects your mood (just make sure you track your food in cronometer – so easy to not get enough vitamins, and I noticed almost all keto dieters have nutritionally inadequate diets, unfortunately)

    Anyway, you had some awesome meals on this day. I'm not sure if they'll give you all the vitamins you need, but, if you were interested, I could send you my findings/what I ate – I think it could be good for the keto community to see that it can be done vegan and that you could thrive that way.

  6. emily mitchell

    I wish I could use Four Sigmatic more, I've bought it b4 but only on Christmas bc it's ridiculously expensive even WITH discount codes because of the shipping factor (and you have to buy like $100 of stuff to get free shipping). Not affordable on a regular basis for anyone besides the upper class.

  7. Aga Sch

    You are so beautiful, and I feel something is going wrong. I don't understand , if vegan food is so good, and have all what your body need, why you are looking so tired and not so happy? 2 years ago, in your videos you looked happier. I like you, and sorry if I sad something wrong. I wish you the best. 🌻

  8. mollie g

    I would really love a video of your favorite/essential powders, etc. & how you like to use them! I always want to incorporate things like that into my diet but I get so overwhelmed with all the options!

  9. Bethany Day

    I think you should do a whole month of this. It would be helpful to all those who want to do keto without the animal products and it definitely takes a good week or two before you can feel the effects of keto and it would be really interesting to see some one as balanced as you go through these first two weeks and how they deal with the electrolyte deficiency that comes with the first week that typically leads to the "keto flu."
    I'm definitely preparing for this lol. I just recently (about 2 months ago) went Whole Food Plant Based and have been eating 5 plus servings of fruit a day and 2-5 servings of vegetables a day and am now transitioning to whole food plant based keto diet.

  10. Dizzy Lizzie

    I hate this keto buzz. Why don’t people just eat food without punishing their bodies? Maybe I’m being judgemental. No shade if you feel it’s right for you, I’ve just heard that it can make you feel really awful and I don’t really get why you would want that.

  11. Meredith Williams

    Could you do a content warning for weight numbers? You've spoken about your experiences with disordered eating/body image so I'm hoping you can see why this could be a big trigger for ppl with eds or in recovery.
    Also I understand why it's nice to share different ways of eating vegan, but promoting diets aimed at weight loss I think adds to the bigger problem we have in the vegan community with diet culture, which is a reason we have so many ex vegans on youtube.

  12. Valerie Church

    Pet owners! Xylitol is EXTREMELY toxic to dogs, even in very small amounts. It is also commonly in sugar fee gum. Please be careful if you follow the first recipe! If you dog gets into even the tiniest amount they must go to the vet immediately.

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