Vegan Nutrition: Pure and Simple by Michael Klaper, M.D.

Vegan Nutrition: Pure and Simple by Michael Klaper, M.D.

Vegan Nutrition: Pure and Simple by Michael Klaper, M.D. Dr. Michael Klaper, is a gifted clinician, internationally recognized teacher, and sought-after speaker …


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  1. Sherri

    I’m disappointed that Dr. Klaper used a flopped photoshopped image (at 01:20:05) to portray the lady’s before and after on a PB diet. Dr. Klaper is brilliant and one of my favorites but with all the many success stories, it seems so wrong to do this.

  2. chris monk

    Hundred's of millions of people in America have no idea the evil that has befallen them and all the world. All the people who are behind the covering up of evidence of health should be arrested on charges not only of treason, But shear crimes of humanity. Countless people not only in America, But all over the world have no idea the truth of why them and there family are sick and dying.

  3. Ikenami

    thank you for this great talk, over the years I lost trust in doctors and medicine in general more and more because I have the feeling they do not know what hey are doing… now I have hope again for the younger generation of doctors because of people like you, who fight for the truth against this whole mass of comfortably unaware people

  4. NF P

    It’s so sad that there are a lot of people making excuses after excuses not to change their eating habits. PEOPLE IT’S NOT JUST THE QUANTITY OR AGE but the QUALITY OF LIFE you’re gonna have. I don’t want a future hooked on a dialysis machine, bound to a wheelchair and popping pills every hour.
    Our mantra in life should be “ I KNOW BETTER” and with the knowledgeable people, research and books you get to fill that curiosity, learn and put it to good use.

    It’s stupid to think that a WFPB diet will stop the aging process and vegan people shouldn’t have wrinkles or white hair. If you’re looking for that diet. I suggest you search the extraterrestrial 😂😂😂AGAIN… excuses.

  5. Mark Gailmor

    Only problem I have with Dr. Klaper is that he was brainwashed by True North and now actually believes Wheat is bad. Which is completely contrary to what the science says. But besides that, his book was one of the first books I purchased when I first went vegan.

  6. Levente Gergő Rézsó

    Not all meat eater eating factory farmed mutants. It would be nice to see a larger study on people living on the countryside and has no access to processed food in comparison with people on any diet who only have access to supermarkets. A balanced diet ideally would not require any supplements. But I truly believe that noone could hardly find a large group of people on a balanced diet in the last 15 years. I don't think any extreme end of diets are healthy, why not just listen to your body and think naturally whether it is meat or plants unless it is processed food?

  7. Hrvoje Batrnek

    Herbivores eat all day and if they were to have a bigger brain they wouldn't have the time to sustain themselves, so plant-based diet is insufficient for our biology and brain! This guy has no logic and reasoning and I bet he looks much older than he really is! He looks skinny and has a big belly and probably a high body fat percentage despite looking skinny (no muscle mass)!

  8. K SA

    I have a very hard time doing vegan. I get arthritis with all nightshades which are my favorites but have to really ration out eating them. I love sweet potatoes, lentils and beans but for me they are very starchy and cause me to gain weight and feed Candida. Fruit causes me to store its sugar as fat so I have to limit to only one green apple a day. I am allergic to all grains except buckwheat. You can't imagine how limited my diet is.

  9. Hrvoje Batrnek

    Think is it possible that two diets have the same or very similar positive impact on a cardiovascular system, maybe veganism without processed grain foods and sugar, and also animal diet without the same processed grain foods and sugars, maybe sugars and simple carbohydrates damage arteries and cause clogs? There are also studies that indicate plant oils as a cause of arterial clogs (linoleic acid). But, the disadvantage of vegan food it that it's low in calories, you lose muscle mass and age faster because it lacks nutrients that humans need. That is the reason I am testing and trying out the animal diet. Meats, organs, eggs, and dairy. Native tribes have high cholesterol and did not have cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol is not the problem, LDL cholesterol is also used for arterial repair, the problem is stuff that damage arteries, even if you don't intake cholesterol body makes it on its own when insufficient, up to 2 grams per day.

  10. bsktb

    You're kidding right? So this bald fuck who can barely speak and has to say "um" every 2 seconds is giving diet advice? Thanks I'll be sure to avoid veganism to make sure I never wind up like you.

  11. Jyllean Sloan

    People and animals have been killing each other since the dawn of time! People have been using animal hides for clothing for forever. Now I believe in treating all animals humanely, pasture raised chickens, grass fed – pasture raised cows etc but I don't see the issue of being a part of the food chain.

  12. Gaetano Borg

    Can some one tell me why I got fat, injured my back and hip joint while on a plant base diet…and on top of that I was never satisfied let alone the strength went so low I had trouble holding my tool box. Appreciate any source of Help.

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