this vegan pad thai is super delish and WAY better than takeout! The best part about making this yourself instead of ordering in is you can add whatever veggies you like and as much as you…


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  1. Lourdes Martinez

    This recipe is amazingly delicious. Thank you, Ms. Lauren, for your detailed recipe and video. Your Vegan Pad Thai is the best dish I have cooked so far in my life. When I tasted the sauce I couldn’t believe how delicious it was! And the Pad Thai, extraordinary. Thank you so much for helping people around the world eat healthier and expand their culinary horizons.

  2. Mary Pace

    I couldn’t order your cookbook until I got my SS deposit. By then it was too late to get the e book. Is there any way I can get it now? I have the beautiful cookbook , now. I love all your shows and watch over and over. I fried the tofu just the way you said and it was so easy! Thank you for being there. I am a75 year old widow and have been vegan for over 6 months. It’s like going to school again. There is so much to learn. One the main reasons I decided to go vegan is to do my part in saving our planet. I never knew what we are doing to our beautiful world, not to mention the horrible treatment of the animals and how they suffer! I was not over weight when I started, but to my astonishment, I have lost 25 pounds with out even trying!!! Keep up the great work, Lauren. It is 5:15 in the am and I am stuffing my face with a monster salad. Oatmeal, etc. later!

  3. goldenbutterfly2013

    Lauren, do you have any recipes that you make using jack fruit? I go to a local vegan takeout and they make great sandwiches using jack fruit and konjac root. They make a Shrimp Po Boy with Konjac root that taste like real shrimp. It is seriously delicious! Please make some videos on how to prepare meals using the jack fruit and the konjac root., PLEASE!!

  4. Julia Maraviglia

    Hi Lauren, this recipe looks great, can’t wait to try it! Also there was a podcast where you showed us your meditation room and mention a podcast that helped you build a practice. Can you tell me the name of the podcast? I Can no longer find the video where you talked about it.

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