Vegan Protein Powder Vs. Whey Protein?

Vegan Protein Powder Vs. Whey Protein?



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  1. hail berseker

    i don't have the slightest problem to digest whey but considering the cost of a high quality whey that you are sure the cows are feed with grass and not all kind of shit, i prefer to buy high quality vegetable protein who are realy cheaper

  2. Geoff Palmer

    Check out Clean Green Protein with Lentein. Lentein is a fresh water plant that is:
    Higher in Essential Amino Acids and BCAA's than any other plant known including Pea, Hemp, Rice or even Soy.
    Higher in Nutrient Density than any other plant known – more than Kale, Spinach, Spirulina, Chlorella or even Moringa.
    1 serving contains 40%DV Omega 3, 35%DV Iron, 22%Dv Calcium, 28%DV Fiber and 190% DV Vitamin A.
    With an AAS of 1.04 (whey is 1.06) it is the first plant comparable to Whey.
    Digestibility – PDCAAS of 0.93, plus we add ProHydrolase enzyme making it nearly completely bioavailable.
    Clean Machine is the first and only company in the world to have Lentein.

    Sean – Let me know if you would like to try it or review it, I would be happy to send you some.

  3. Wise Fool

    I use Sunwarrior natural protein powder with Silk protein almond milk, banana, raw cacao powder, cinnamon, flax seed, spinach and mix it all in a blender. Super delicious, nutritious, and goes down nicely. All natural, vegan, and non gmo. Sometimes I'll put peanut butter instead of flax seed. All together I get about 35-40g of protein out of 1 smoothie along with tons of other nutrients on top it.

  4. Get over that Wall

    I recently stopped being stupid (A Vegan) after about 10 years. I can tell you with 100% certainty that Animal based proteins are much, much more effective than plant based proteins (not to mention all the other health benefits of eating meat!). I've been working out for about 2 years and I was pathetically weak. I tracked my macros, got all the things I was supposed to be getting and I still wasn't getting stronger.

    After a lot of consideration, I started eating animal products again (Mostly eggs, ground turkey and some cheese). I immediately found I had more energy, slept better than I have in years and My lifts have increased to the extent that I feel like I'm on steroids. It's like I've got noob gains all over again, but they weren't this good the first time (when I was a vegan)! I am now convinced that You just can't get strong on a vegan diet. If you think you are strong as a vegan, try eating meat again (as part of a healthy diet) and I guarantee you will get a lot stronger. Besides the whole strength thing, there are a lot of other negative side effects to eating meat. I honestly haven't felt this good in a whole lot of years.

  5. spartanlegit1

    We as humans are sensitive to dairy 🥛 some of us have a somewhat, tolerance towards dairy but it's not a natural product we should be eating, drinking milk is for babies to grow cows, humans, and all female animals develop milk 🍼 due to pregnancy 🤰 idk why people are this retarded to think it's healthy to drink milk from a other species….

  6. nick viviano

    Thanks, Sean. This was an awesome video. I used to take whey based mass gainer but I suffered bad skin, stomach and kidney pains. So I didn't take any supplements for about six months with decent gains through diet. But I recently found pea protein (all vegan) and just ordered a bin. Very eager to use is post workouts.

  7. Peter Csigo

    Veganism is a misguided human notion even though it's built upon noble ideas however humans are opportunistic omnivores. And before anybody accuse me that I haven't tried I tried both veganism and vegetarianism and I did feel like shit so there you have it one size doesn't fit all.

  8. EdgarFitJ

    So any ideas on a good brand for pea protein? I was originally taking ON gold standard whey protein and had great results but it made my acne so much worse, now I am currently trying to bulk but can get more than 150g of protein in my meals I need to boost it up to 190 and need a protein supplements replacement for whey, I was in between rice and pea since soy lowers your testosterone. I decided to go with pea first but no idea on the brand? Any suggestions

  9. Jotun Heim

    Basically different proteins have different amino acid profile there is no bad or good protein.If you take out the beef protein (which is gelatin btw) and has the worst amino acid profile with almost NO tryptophan and some other important aminos,any protein is fine.Soy protein has been shown to increase igf1 higher that whey also (thats one of the reasons of the bone protective nature of soy) and maybe cause of the higher glutamine,lysine,arginine content.Soy and pea especially are really solid,casein is not a good choise in general,whey is better for people who consume animal proteins.Nice video dude.

  10. Top Flite

    Whey makes me terribly tired so I'm dropping it. I'm considering pea or hemp, but my rice intake Is probably already too high as I've read brown rice contains much cadmium.

    Is there anything to consider with sourcing pea protein? Like is there certain states or countries that source healthier and higher quality products? Or do peas tend to uptake certain metals at a high rate?

  11. Samara V Hamilton

    I don't understand why you are saying "plant proteins are less absorbable". They are comprised of amino acids and our bodies do a bang-up job of using those. Might that myth be perpetuated due the difference between heme and non-heme IRON? It is true that the body has to do an extra backflip to process plant-based iron versus iron from animal sources…but it is easily accomplished by eating a complementary food that contains vitamin C, like tomatoes, peppers, or fruit. But iron absorption has nothing to do with amino acid absorption.

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