Vlog–Chat, “Aging” Video; Talbots Trunk Show Behind Scenes / Classic Fashion Over 40, 50

Vlog–Chat, “Aging” Video; Talbots Trunk Show Behind Scenes / Classic Fashion Over 40, 50

ITEM LINKS HERE: Classic Fashion Over 40, 50, and Beyond. ABOUT ME: I am a wife and 57-year-old, Texas-Born Girly Girl and Blogger/YouTube Vlogger,…


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  1. bljts

    Hi Janis, since your aging video, I decided to start my journey. My first step was giving up sugar. Even though I didn't need to lose weight, I needed to get healthy (and I love my sugar coffee and tea). In one month I feel better. My skin looks better and my overall well being is on the road to recovery. My next step is unknown but I know I can do it. Thank you for what you do Janis. You're an inspiration.

  2. Connie Lewis

    I live in dry climate and love the Kiss My Face olive oil soap for my face. If I haven t put on makeup that day I use an oil to cleanse instead. I also love Avalon organic Vit C serum and face cream. I can see the difference in my skin and I beleive it is the Vit C.I recently tried the Dr Bronner lip balm and was disappointed. Did not like consistency.

  3. Estrella Oliva

    Janis so nice to see you back ! Miss your videos and just your calm voice with such positive view on life. Janis I wanted to mention I was just in Spain for three weeks vacation and I love how older woman in Europe are proud of there age and it seems more the natural way . Anyways just Love your classic style! I've always tried to dress more classy then trendy . 🍂🍁

  4. Ana Larson

    Tx for being so great and keep sharing. I love the phrase sharing is caring. If we look where these storms hit we see that mother nature is cleansing her skin on the earth, something for all if us to consider when going out or buying things. The lip color is beautiful, years ago I had a color like that and I loved it especially when I was out working it kept my lips moist. I get confused too, I write an outline to just make sure I don't forget anything. Keep sharing we love it.

  5. Patricia I. Keller

    Thank you for this video, you look pretty in light blue! Hurricans, typhoons etc come from evil forces, which through mankinds actions put nature out of control. Actually these events are consequence of evil actions and if somebody can travel oftenly, he or she may be able to observe the close relation between peoples actions, like war or guerrillas in extreme cases, with what happens with nature. God made everything perfect, including Nature, but men and women make so many mistakes – and many simply don t care – that all this comes back, like a boomerang. Plants and animals really feel and suffer with mankind s destructive actions – and this can be scientifically prooved. It is a pity, that so few persons realize this!
    Thank you for your beautiful videos!

  6. Susan Freeman

    It is wonderful to see a new video from you!  My small city in Texas took a direct hit from Harvey.  We are still recovering here.  Our city lost many trees, both uprooted and decimated by the 8 full hours we spent in the eye wall.  We are tough Texans though and we are looking forward to happier days.  I have already seen so many things I love in Talbot's new Fall collection.  Come back soon.  We have missed you!

  7. mary ann Gonzalez

    Hi Janis wonderful and moving video . As someone who adopted a rescue puppy 4 years ago I say God Bless all these organizations like Humane Society and Best Friends who go out and rescue all these beautiful animals . I love the color sweater . That color blue is one of my favs,especially with silver hair . Have a lovely week

  8. imahappycat

    So Nice to see you again. Advice needed: How should I keep my cardigan duster? Hang it? Fold it?I feel and look good at 69 especially since I started HRT. I take care of my health making healthy food choices, exercise and meditation. I don't take this for granted. Thanks for your channel.

  9. Tracy G.

    Beautiful thoughts on your prior video. I agree…if we women would just connect and support each other, talk, share…instead of competing with each other. I see so many women- on here and in real life- that are in some sort of fierce competition with each other, their daughters, friends. It makes me sad to see it. Love that lip pencil! Talbots…my favorite store! You can come out of there looking like a polished lady.🙂

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