Whether you love him or hate him, there is no question that George W. Bush is one of the most controversial public figures in recent memory.



  1. Jahna Roth

    15,000 in mass graves in 1988, now from ISIL 72 more mass graves the UN has yet to act in a resolution it's 2017, and again tell me why no resolution in 1988 for the Baath party then…and now? What now? smells like old Baath technique

  2. Jahna Roth

    The point of WMDs is this if Chemical Ali gassed Kurds to death, and we know he did mass graves were found and documented why was this not enough for the UN security council? Even though Slobadon Melosavik did not use gas, he had mass graves which is why he was executed on March 11 don't ask why Bush didn't find the WMDs, because in actuality, he did it was the UN who wouldn't commit after they were found

  3. Jahna Roth

    The last time Baghdad fell I had May Day fireworks in my American neighborhood, I have KGB operatives here in America and armoured trucks for a bank with Garda on their trucks no not the Garda of Ireland's police the Republican Guards of the Baath party in America

  4. Robert Bradley

    I thought Oliver Stone would have tore a strip off W. then I realized he did very subtly — the end scene which depicts W. trying to catch the ball which was there— i took it to mean that he was in way over his head– and believed the wrong people… so … I guess Oliver did tear a strip off W…..—– yet a good movie all around-

  5. Subhidevi

    I don't like the actors who played Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell, which is too bad because they are truly classy and great people.
    Also, Would was raised by, and is himself an Ivy league educated person, and although he does have an imaginative vocabulary, he does not use poor grammar as portrayed here.
    Quite a bit of focus on the negative events.
    A little over the top, and it favors the liberal perspective…
    Not TOO bad though.
    I think W is well meaning.

  6. ds p

    Great movie even if 43 does not like it at all. Truth is even stranger than fiction. Please watch this movie and have your own opinion. I think is a nice movie and i am not a movie critic just a big fan of movies.

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