Wavering Faith – Dr. Charles Stanley

Wavering Faith – Dr. Charles Stanley

Whatever we become and achieve in life is determined by our ability to trust God. However, it is only when we believe in Jesus Christ and are confident that God …


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  1. Russell Crawford

    I am a former Christian, one question please. Do any of you ever feel like God has let you down in any of your prayer requests, or that God didn't do what he said he would do, or that you were abandoned somewhere along the way and have the face your problem by yourself, without God without Jesus? All of this happened to me, Charles Stanley says it's not possible. Has it happened to any of you?

  2. Johnvincent Paulraj

    Dr. Stanley I have lost so much and gone through so much pain because my wavering faith and believing devils lies. But have found my faith agin and have new sense of usefulness to him because you. Every sentence I hear you speak has the confidence that comes only by knowing God and walking with him. May God bless you and your family with many more years of ministry in this confused world with such clarity and confidence. God bless you.
    God has touched me through your messages and it is wonderful to know that God is still in control, and his love has still not changed. I feel like I’m born agin all over once. God bless you Dr. Stanley.

  3. Patricia Arrance

    Thank you for this it spoke to my soul and lifted my spirits. Lean not on thy own understanding and trust in the lord and be anxious about nothing but by prayer, petition and thanksgiving present your concerns to the lord and the the peace of god will guide my mind and heart in Jesus.🙂

  4. Mother Theresa

    GOD BLESS N GOOD A.M. > Can u please pray 4 me ? I am seriously in battle with the devil .
    I'm stil keeping GOD as the head of my life. Going to church, doing a bible study. Praying , praising , worshiping , reading scriptures , seeking GOD first b4 all things .
    And walking in faith . in this stage that I'm in my faith has wavered . But our HEAVENLY FATHER only let that last for a second.
    The devil is molesting me.
    I plead the blood of JESUS I kn GOD hears me though I cry out to HIM , I continue to walk in faith
    I tried talking to 2 female pastor.
    I've asked them to pray for me.
    They say they have, but its still hear n its still happening.
    it did ask me to put his name on something that I am believing in GOD for. I told him no.
    This thing has been messing with me since June 2018.
    It continues to do something to my head like sowing . Sometimes it snatches??? Even while reaching out to you I'm being molested .
    I'm trusting GOD. I'm crying out to GOD. PRAY 4 ME. PLEASE

  5. Susan Lee

    This is one of my favorite Pastors. This man preaches from the Bible and loves God.
    If you love God and carry your faith or more important if your unsure please listen to Dr. Charles Stanley.
    Thank you God for Dr. Stanley.
    Thank you Dr. Stanley

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