We Are Always Serving: What Are You Emanating Right Now? – Bentinho Massaro

We Are Always Serving: What Are You Emanating Right Now? – Bentinho Massaro

– “Home to the sincere and committed spiritual practitioner.” ***Video Description: In this talk in Asheville, NC on Tuesday 10/02/2012 Bentinho shares how…


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  1. Björn Terlegård

    My life is my movie projected from my beliefs. My projection is there for a reason. My reality is me talking to myself. My reality is more of me. My beliefs about things in the outside world is telling me what my relationship to myself is like. My circumstances are parts of myself, waiting for me to love and appreciate it more and more. By loving my reality I become more of my true self. I am always seeing more of myself. Everything I experience wants to help feel awesome. I want to serve myself by loving my circumstances.

  2. Björn Terlegård

    I always have at least 5 options to choose from on what to do next. When I choose an option that feels more aligned with my higher self, the next 5 available options will grant me even more aligned options. If there doesn't seem to be any good options, ask yourself: "What am I not seeing?". Then creativity will flow and open up more options. OR change your perspective on the negative option and transform it into a good option. Love, acceptance, forgiveness and appreciation can do wonders to seemingly hopeless options.

  3. Björn Terlegård

    Everything I experience is imagination. When I see trouble in my circumstances, my reality will mirror my state of being and create it. Knowing that "reality" is only happening inside my head, in my thoughts, I can ask for creativity and love in any moment. I have faith in creation' s ability to unfold. That's where faith is born. I have faith in life and my intelligent heart. Faith is creating a life in harmony with my deepest desires.

  4. Björn Terlegård

    I am always creating and serving. I am always presently shining my resonance outwards. Simply by being aware of this I am empowered. Not knowing this, circumstances will rule you and lead you. Either way, I am always serving others and the world. Everything is already accepted. So what do you prefer to eminate? What do I want to let through my heart into the world? Joy.

  5. stroll in the dark

    so here's what works for me: a state of conflict is the PROOF of suppressing something, than EMOTIONALLY asking: what am I suppressing?
    but this can only work if conflict is accepted as the proof of suppress. But if we define the conflict as "absolute reality", which means "the reality is conflict" the method doesn't work, but this would mean lieing to ourselves, by ignoring the emotional level

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