What are Telomeres and Why Do They Matter?

What are Telomeres and Why Do They Matter?

In this video, Shirley explains what are telomeres and why they matter. Telomeres and telomerase are associated with preserving youthfulness, beauty, longevity …


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  1. Lindsey Hazel

    I did not know about telomeres but found this video extremely interesting! I'm definitely improving my habits and can tell a HUGE difference in being a healthier self! Thanks for breaking this down Shirley! Looking forward to your videos!

  2. Shirley Archer

    Research on telomeres and telomerase emphasizes the importance of the mind-body connection in maintaining youth, beauty,, health and happiness. Have you applied any of the tips mentioned in this video? regular exercise, healthy diet, mindful meditation, positive attitude, etc? Please share in comments

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