What Does it Mean to be a Catholic Man? | Interview with Tristan on the Youth Synod

What Does it Mean to be a Catholic Man? | Interview with Tristan on the Youth Synod

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  1. CatholicYouthMinistry

    Thank you Tristen for talking about impurity of sex and things that our hard when you seem most vulnerable. And it is true athletes are taught not to give up ever and we know that pain is its own reward in giving your best later on for a game or lift your legs as in my case. When you go through things as a man or in a case of EMS or public services you are taught not to talk about it, keep you're head down , no emotions. But you learn to fight in ways you never knew. So thank you for adressing an emotion of expression and short comings and how to put your best foot forward.

  2. Teo P

    I think this is the first time Tristan had such a lengthy, 1 on 1 interview. Very impressed by his clarity, maturity, and how he eloquently discussed such a relevant topic.
    Traditional, virtuous masculinity has been under attack for some time, also know as the "effeminization" of males (there is also a much vulgar term which I won't mention). This can be seen in children's cartoons, teen shows, even in advertising and of course the fashion industry (the trend of wearing tiny and tight clothing to diminish masculine physical traits).
    The virtuous, "John Wayne" archetype has been replaced by the superficial, shallow, metrosexual 'beau'. Two movies are example of how the image of the virtuous male has been distorted: the Twilight Saga, and the 50 Shades of Grey saga. Both sets had tremendous success among female viewers. Why? That leaves us to an entirely new discussion and debate.

    I too agree that St. Joseph is a prime example of a virtuous man! Let's not forget St. George, as a soldier, martyr, and legend (slaying the dragon). Great job to you both! 😁👍

  3. Alexander Roberts

    Okay, so

    I have wanted to become catholic for a few years now but it is only recently that I have become completely set on it I have written my contact details on my local catholic churches contact websites and it is ready to send but I would like to know what it is like in the faith if anyone could help me with this that would be great thanks

  4. EJ Everlast

    Good job! I think the Church leadership needs step up a bit more. Maybe have the priests talk about it more in homilies? I keep hearing the same rhetoric in the homilies over and over… Love with the truth, first! Sometimes the truth hurts but it's the salvation of souls that is a priests primary goal. (Shepard the flock)

  5. Billy the Kidd

    Awesome video, but you should make a video about authentic femininity.
    It seems like whenever I try to explain what it means to be a Catholic woman, it always sounds kind of sexist. Of course, being a guy, I prefer being a guy, but to me, whenever I hear what authentic femininity explained (maybe not the right way) I can’t imagine anybody who would want to follow the guide lines.

    So what is Catholic femininity? Is there a way to make it as appealing to women as authentic masculinity is to us guys?

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