What God is Focusing on in Our Lives — Swedenborg and Life

What God is Focusing on in Our Lives — Swedenborg and Life

Is God at work in our lives? If so, what is God focusing on–what items are at the top of the priority list? Join us, along with author Peter Rhodes and Rev. Dr. Ray Silverman as we discuss…


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  1. Dubrae fox

    What people do not understand about these excepts of "Hidden Knowledge", is that they are "shrouded" by those disseminating it to the masses for control, to the parishioner for novelty, to the member 4 deception (until proof of loyalty and selection) and to the initiated, knowledge is opened… Many people (in beginning stages) view these doctrines as spiritual, positive, and good. They however are unaware of the origins of these doctrines, who developed them, how they received them (and from whom), and what the doctrines suggest IN OPPOSITION to Christ's teachings. Dont buy this deception BELIEVERS!!!

  2. sunny sim

    The man in the red shirt never mentioned our purpose also being to help animals. Completely dismisses other beings.
    The question about the children who do not have a voice was good, and I have such empathy for the little ones, so this leads to my point of what about animals who have no choices. If I saw a dead rat, or any animal on the road, and a beautiful sunset, I would be so upset about the dead animal, that I would not focus on the beautiful sunset, but God loves the animals too right? Sorry, but I really do wish you guys would tell us that God loves animals too. Maybe I am an advocate for animals on here, and I know you love them and have done a show about animals in heaven, but in my opinion, when we talk about these things, it should include all that resides on this earth.
    Some people DO have everything though; they do not have to learn a trade etc if they are born into wealth and success. I relate to everything on these shows, but the subjects do not always relate to everyone.
    A thought here: in reality maybe God cannot come here to be interviewed because he is not actually a person, and does not exist. I absolutely connect with the Lord, and believe in Jesus, but are we connecting to something that we mentally want to connect with rather than a real God. We think of God as love and light, and we want to believe because we want to be good, and connect with a God, so if we mentally connect with this, and become 'heavenly', then we consider ourselves to be living through God, but in reality, it is just our mindset connecting with something good. I think this makes sense, don't you?

  3. sunny sim

    Thoughts come into my mind, and they are usually about something sad, or unfortunate, so I now try and ignore, and not think about anything. Almost like a premonition, but it's probably the Universe sending these thoughts. The thoughts have usually been about something to do with animals, because I've always had a very deep connection to them, and maybe then the Universe sends those thoughts because of this. It's actually horrible when it has happened.
    I will only ever have peace if all suffering to humans and animals stops, so I guess I'll never have true peace. Having said that, I do find peace through God when I ask for it. It would be far worse if what we see is all that exists, but it is not, so we can find peace in that.

  4. Ellen Weiss

    I enjoyed going back to this older video. When you framed the question what does God focus on in our lives it was very illuminating. There are many things that seem spiritual. But this shows us that the focus in every moment is the quality of love and awareness of what is eternal rather than temporal. Then the 2 ultimately unite. Many times life's problems bring up fear like your guest pointed out. But if immediately we recognize that God…or the eternal is always present, that we ask "The Lord"…or God to handle this for us, through us and everyone involved, then life really could transform. In terms of the children….in this world there are so many examples of this.kind of horror. It seems to me that children in the worst circumstances may not have outer choices…but the gift of childhood is to have internal, imaginative choices (and there are also examples of actual physical escape)… which get them through in the most amazing ways….and many have lived to tell about these extraordinary victories of the human spirit. This really turns out to be one of my favorite Swedenborg videos:)

  5. Karina Mia Fammé

    The problem we are talking about here – how can a good God allow meaningless suffering in the world – has got his own name: the theodic problem. The name is formed by the Greek words of god, theos, and justice, dike. How God is called righteous considering the meaningless suffering in the world is also the subject of the story of Job, which is one of the main works of the Bible, even the world literature.

    God does not defend his action.

    That explanation, Job will finds unfair . He knows that he has always done the right thing. And he accuses God. It provokes God to speak. But God does not defend his action. He does not give any explanation. Instead, he depicts the world he has created with all the beautiful, powerful animals.

  6. Karina Mia Fammé

    True Love is Agabe from Above. The ancient Greeks talked about four kinds of love: Agape, philia, eros and storge.

    Agape: The Great, Spiritual Love. The deep, all-encompassing love. The selfless love. Love without reservation and without conditions. The love that gives without expecting anything back. Provides because it can not be. The love that parents feel for their children. The love that we all long for – and wish us a stir. To many, too, the love that God loves people with – and that we should love God back with. For the Christian writer C. S. Lewis, who wrote the Narnia books and the book "The Four Loves," this was the greatest of all the affairs. It is also the love that Holy Francis of Assisi spoke about exercising when he said in his famous prayer of peace – and thus also of love –

    Lord, make me a tool for your peace.

    Where there is hate, then let me love.
    Where there is injustice, forgiveness.
    Where there is dark, light.
    Where there is doubt, believe.
    Where there is despair, hope.
    Where there is sadness, joy.

    O Divine Lord,
    Do not let me so much be comforted as comforting.
    Not so much to be understood as understanding,
    Not so much to be loved as to love.
    Because it is by giving that we get.
    It is forgiving that we are forgiven.
    It is dying that we are born to eternal life.


    For agape is about giving, not about getting !!!

  7. Al Neu

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but for me, I don't have to go out of my way to try to do good. We don't need to leave the house every day, saying to ourselves that we are going to perform some act of charity. I think it flows naturally. If we listen to the inner voice, God will let us know when, where, and whom we should help. We will know what we are called upon to do, and it will be quite unmistakable. But when we do hear that prompting, it is crucially important to act upon it. As Curtis said here, we will be directed to wherever we can do the most good. It is that 'usefulness' and 'purpose' acting again upon us.

  8. RpgPlay21

    i feel in peace in most situations that people dont feel peace at all most of them like money and things for me it feels like i went thru harder things in past lives that now makes peace feeling for me something like physical thing in me of big amount

  9. Double Dragon

    I am always looking for something in return, even when I experience what I would call "unconditional love." That thing I'm looking for is for that person I love to blossom in some small way as a result of my loving regard for that person. I don't expect them to return that love, and I certainly don't expect that love to work any miracles for that person. But nevertheless, I still always look for any positive experience that person may have in response. Does that mean I have an attachment? It certainly does feel at times like an addiction. In fact, I've told my peers that whenever any of my clients respond in a positive way to what I am trying to do on their behalf, the feeling is better than anything else I've ever experienced. If that's the hell I'm making for myself, I could do worse. 🙂

  10. Albert D

    I would like to add to the temporary and eternal situation that anything we can do can be eternal as long as we do it in the name of God, and also pre flood God gave us all the knowledge of everything and it lead to the flood, so post flood knowledge has to be aquired through a journey so we do not corrupt ourselves the way our predecessors did.

  11. Lupe Evans

    Light bulb going off moment:
    I really love and will quote a comment you made in this video, "God created the world to oppose the ego," Wow!!!  That explains so much to me! Frustrations, anger, depression are all Gods clues to let one know that whatever you are doing may be ego based. Once you let go of the ego, peace can be possible. Amazing!  Who did actually say this so that I may give credit to the author?  Thanks!

  12. Michael Green

    I keep wanting to watch these live but keep missing. I was an atheist but have you videos and your free pdf downloads (along with other sources) have changed my world view and vision of death and the after life. I can't thank you enough! 

    While I am on here I would like to ask you, what does Swedenborg say about relationships and pegging a relationship on physical reasons? I recently have been seeing a girl, and caught in the moment slept together and having hurt girls in the past I really don't want to do it again, however the problem is I have a desire you better looking women, I have had attractive girls in the past, and I just have a ichy desire for a girlfriend who is as attractive or more then my last?

    Can't work out the root of this desire, whether it is good or bad, whether I should listen to or overcome. This is a good girl I am seeing, so I am trying my hardest.

    Kind Regards


  13. Sike Sillanpää

    Let´s say that God is a creator of life. So God knows how life works, because God has created it. 
    Swedenborg and many others say that God is love.
    God is also friend, mother, father and all those indicate that God wants to help.
    "What God is Focusing on in our lives?"
    It seems like God is focusing on helping with love. Which sounds like that God is loving helper.

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