WHAT I ATE TODAY | Simple Healthy Food Ideas | Annie Jaffrey

WHAT I ATE TODAY | Simple Healthy Food Ideas | Annie Jaffrey

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  1. hnna wtzl

    Hey annie, i found your channel view minutes ago and I still love it😍❤️🙏🏼 you’re such an inspiration! One question: do you warm up your veggies if you have the rest of the portion? Like in a microwave?🙊 I would be so so happy about an answer!

  2. ABC EFG

    I’d love to watch your videos 😍 and your lovely voice is soooooo smooth 😍😍😍 I can hear it whole day long 🙈
    I’d love to include Celery into my diet, but it too strong 😫😫😫😫

  3. Josipa Mihaljevic

    Annie <3 I love your "what I eat in a day" videos! Please never stop doing them! But I have to share this with you: a couple of weeks ago I learned, that coconut oil isn't really good for us- I watched a German professor (she is specialized in nutrition) talk about (un)healthy foods. Now I googled "coconut oil healthy or not" because I wanted to share this info in English with you and found this NY Times article. I know you love the science behind food so I hope you'll find this info interesting <3

  4. Beth Ross

    Hi Annie. I have just started eating plant based and have watched many vegan YouTubers. I have to say that your "what I eat in a day" vids are the best. Very straight forward, informative and simple. As a beginner to eating vegan, I need simple. I have felt overwhelmed until I found your channel. Thank you so much! Please keep the videos coming. I finally feel like this is something I can actually do.

  5. Gayatri Patel

    Annie, could you please kindly share which type of leggings and color they are that you are wearing in this video that you show at 1:06? If you can, please comment and link them..I have been looking for them everywhere. Also, I love your what I eat in a day and workout routine videos! Please do lots more!

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