WHAT I EAT IN A DAY 2016! (Easy & Healthy Recipes) | Mel Joy

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY 2016! (Easy & Healthy Recipes) | Mel Joy

I hope you guys enjoyed my what I eat in a day to stay fit and healthy! I love you guys so so much and hope you enjoyed my what i eat in a day video♡ don’t …


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  1. Sofff Sofff

    I dont understand why vegans are so fucking crazy bro, let me tell you.. YOU are the abnormals, the human is supposed to eat meat bro.. so you have absolutly no right to critize someone because she is just being normal… its okey you want to promote your crazy way of life but stop being so rude and acting like you are the normal ones becuase you are not 🙂

  2. senpai

    This is kinda unrelated but a lot of people have been saying she should try veganism and idk why but I wanted to say that I really want to be vegan but 1. I can't right now because my mom can't do to health issues and whatever she cooks I have to eat so I only eat organic and free range meat 2. I don't know how sustainable it would be because I don't eat grains so like no quinoa, rice, etc.

  3. Un bowed

    Don't forget to work hard each day, because without pain no have gain, keep up the good work if you want healthy life and good reputation to yourself and also respect to your body and mind. Do not forget to read this every day. dont eat too much, little is good, and very, bad, also do a workout each day or 4 days in the week the minimum, Give a chance to yourself to live a good life, Do what I say and you will see a difference in your life from bad to better. Like my post if you believe what I say is right. Its not just optional…but priority. Do not forget to read this every day!! Never give up, Think that you love more,
    and gives strength to not give up, do it and your dream can be realized.

  4. mavis

    Everyone is on here talking about how a ton of vegans are getting mad from this video in the comments but I don't see any vegans complaining at all. If there is any vegans commenting it's people saying that veganism is a good option, not something like "you murders!"

  5. lilyisalizard

    As a vegan, I NEVER have or will comment on someone's video telling them to be vegan, unless they are specifically debating doing it in the video. Although it's the right choice for me, not everyone has learnt why people do it, or care at all about animals and the planet and have no obligation to do it! Like daym lets all just do what we want and leave everyone alone

  6. Emily_ S

    This whole comment section is a fucking disaster and Mel doesn't deserve this.. Can we all grow a pair and realize that whether your vegan or not, we have food. Which is more than enough compared to starving people around the world. Guess what guys? IT DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER!! The comments I've seen today…just wow. All I can say is. Wow. Smh😒

  7. hanna joy

    I literally saw more comments about how "crazy" the vegans are and how they are fighting in the comments than I saw from a vegan…..I also didn't see any "crazy" vegans in the comments….all I saw was comments like "you should try going vegan😊" … Literally people need to stop getting so offended by every little thing

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