What I Eat in a Day as an active vegan (vlog) // trying soy curls!

What I Eat in a Day as an active vegan (vlog) // trying soy curls!

What I eat in a day as an active vegan! Plus, my leg workout and my running routine. I make mongolian beef using soy curls, an epic tofurky sandwich on an everything bagel, and more. 🙂 Disclaimer:…


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  1. Vegan Trove

    Just found your site Sarah. I've been vegan 13 years now. One of the best things I ever did. I have a comprehensive vegan podcast which focuses on ethics if anyone knows of someone who is interested in being vegan I don't make any money from it. I just want people to go vegan 🙂 Thanks for your recipes. Looking forward to them. Cheers.

  2. j meister

    As someone who also battles depression and anxiety, I want to express how much I admire you. You show us that by nourishing our bodies, minds, and souls, we can work through the inner turmoil. Thank you for setting a good example for everyone 🙂

  3. casarahbabyxo

    Love these videos so much keep em coming ! I love how you actually talk to us , it’s like having a good friend to talk to rather than most people who just do a voiceover with just ingredient talking. Love you beautiful ! Also a mental health warrior working towards a more whole food rather than vegan junk food haha. Vegan almost a year !

  4. Joseph Halpern

    It's been a week since this video came out. This is the latest I've ever been.  Hair looks amazing btw.  I watch Healthy Crazy Cool on the regular and he works out in the morning while intermittent fasting and I keep saying I should do the same but I lack the willpower to do those two things.  I usually have class early in the morning so it's difficult but I just got my weekends back so I might try it Saturday and Sunday and work out in the afternoons during the week.  Did I mention your hair looks amazing btw?

  5. StarFlower99654

    Wow, I pay $5 to $6 for a tub of berries (in season) but I live in Alaska. So I tend to freeze raspberries from my own patch out back and go out to harvest wild blueberries as well. But sometimes I just want those fresh ones and I go and pay dearly for them.

  6. Kneeeyo

    I have to say Sarah, I love that you make veganism so approachable. Though I’m not a vegan myself, I have started to eat more plant-based since watching your channel. Keep up with your “specific references” to certain tastes and food, they actually really resonate with my childhood and what I like as well. You’re doing a great job! ❤️

  7. Vegan Vickie

    Loved this video…I have had a bread maker that someone gave me for a year in my pantry but I am going to break it out finally after watching your video…I hope it works lol I am also going to make that Mongolian "beef"…yum!!!

  8. LaDolcevita

    Working out constantly may help depression and other issues which is good, but it will not sustain weight loss unless you constantly exercise and do cardio every day for the rest of your life which I personally rather not do. High intensity interval training 3 x per week for 15 minutes sessions is what you could be doing and it’s way more affective. Just a suggestion of course.

  9. Liron Yanay

    I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL SO MUCH! as a newbie vegan who just started this whole vegan lifestyle not so long ago, it makes it so much easier to cook and enjoy vegan food! are you planning on making your own a recipe book ? I would love to buy it <3

  10. spacewitch

    I think your "poor lighting" for which you apologized actually looks much warmer and more natural. I kinda like it. Food looks great, too. I knocked out my workout early today, too, yay! Now I'm craving all the things I'm watching you eat, lol. 🖤

  11. Taliah Wharton

    Sarah you put so much effort into this one video and I just wanted to say I appreciate you so much! I can go weeks without watching my subscriptions but whenever I see your videos I automatically check them out. You're a huge inspiration to me! currently buying soy curls love ya <3

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