What I Eat in a Day! (Healthy Dietitian)

What I Eat in a Day! (Healthy Dietitian)

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  1. Wyna Tse

    wow the food looks so good love the pumpkin sauce + apple combo!! Btw, it seem to me that your dinner is bigger/more filling than your lunch, but I have heard that it's better to keep dinner as the smallest meal of the day as it's close to our sleeping time. What's your thought on it? Appreciate your sharing! 🙂

  2. Ayesha Millar

    WHATS WITH THE EGG HATE Eggs are not "unhealthy" just because it's not damn vegan doesn't mean it's unhealthy. eggs are a natural source of proteins and healthy fats. And they provide lots of energy!!

    Kale comes out of the ground
    eggs come out of a chicken
    chickens are living
    and so is the ground
    chicken get trapped in farms
    and so does kale

  3. Ry

    (COMING FROM A FORMER VEGAN) the diet was hard to maintain and hard to afford vitamins to keep me healthy, having to buy produce every week because it would go bad fast and it was basically all I ate…. It made me feel awful and drained constantly. I now eat everything but junk food, red meat, sugary drinks, and bread. I feel better then I did, and it goes to show that veganism isn't for everyone. So yes, her meals ARE healthy to her, where your version of healthy might be completely different. You're giving yourselves bad reps guys.

  4. Raizel Shadez

    These vegfans are a bunch of morons the top living humans on the planet yet none of them were vegan, just because your vegan does not mean you are living long, my grand!a died at the age of 100 and she ate meat, while having meat everyday ain't good eating anything daily regardless of healthy or not also ain't good, moderation is key

  5. christianaaaaah

    I'm vegan, but I'm really disappointed with the comment section. Veganism is about being kind to animals, but if you're spreading that message by hurting or putting others down, I think you've taken the wrong approach. We should band together and spread positivity and the vegan message through happiness, not through cruelty!

  6. Naomi Ji

    You are an ignorant and a terrible dietitian. Sure you are promoting eating plant base eating but you have done literally no research on veganism and done bogus claims to justify the slaughter of animals. So much so you disabled the comment section to your vegan videos. You don't want to be wrong but, obviously you don't want to do your research. There are no benefits to eating meat even in small quantities. As a dietitian you should learn and know this. Heck you should know that the FDA won't label eggs aa healthy nor nutritional beneficial. Fish is full of mercury and hurting the ecosystem. Plus the meat you consume is full of feces and fats that clog up our arteries. I'm studying to be a dietitian and I am ashamed that you parade your medical degree around as a justification to be ignorant and to spread ignorance.

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