What I Eat In A Day In London as a Vegan | Spring Edition

What I Eat In A Day In London as a Vegan | Spring Edition

PULL ME DOWN ❏❏❏ Welcome to a Spring and friend filled What I Eat In A Day. I set aside a good chunk of Friday to catch up with pals after escaping to the countryside for…


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  1. Dawn Skeels

    Another brill Venetia blog 😁
    I completely agree that after such a long gloomy dark period, seeing some warmer sunnier weather really does have quite a liberating effect to the soul. I actually took my little girl for her first trip to the seaside this week and she loved it (donkey ride was the highlight) but here's hoping we've finally waved winter away 😁
    Much love to you Miss V 😚

  2. hygge cal

    All the warm feels for this vlog (and alllll your vlogs/ podcasts/ content in general!!). You’re just such a cool + real chick Ven! Girl-crush still going strong for you (…I ought to be more embarrassed, i’m a woman in my mid-30s gawd damn!). Have a wonderful day, m’lovely xx

  3. Karise Zaalberg

    Loved this ❤️ I’m in New Zealand where it is certainly not sunny all year round but we’ve just had the best summer!! It’s funny when you guys have just had winter……..
    I’m jealous of all the gorgeous vegan goodies in your day 😊

  4. Net L Lapuz

    This is fun to watch! Seeing my most fave vloggers in YouTube, Niomi, Madeline and You coming together!! So so nice! ❤🖒I do live here in Manila and it is either very sunny or rainy but I also couldn't help being jealous that you live in the UK. London is just one of dream destinations. Saving up to go there next year. 😊😊

  5. Philippa Wood

    The music you choose for your vlogs always makes me want to meet you for a turmeric latte and then go clubbing with you, Venetia. :') Also desperate for that gorgeous-looking kale and beet salad, taste about mouthwatering content.

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