What I Eat to stay Fit & Healthy Living In a day | Weightloss Tips | SuperPrincessjo

What I Eat to stay Fit & Healthy Living In a day | Weightloss Tips  | SuperPrincessjo

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  1. Gautam Priyadarshi

    Hi, jo this is Tanya, I also want to loose weight ND now going to follow ur tips, it's 11 months post pregnancy can I get my previous shade, as my hole fat get collected on my tummy ND thies. Its56 kg now which was 46 kg before pregnancy. Please help.

  2. Huma Gul

    Really nice to watch familiar food that can be used as diet food. As being Pakistani with large families , it is not possible for us to make avocado sandwich for break fast nd brown rice with baby carrots nd sweetcorn or tuna sandwich nd bla bla. Almost you are going to spend whole day in kitchen that way.

  3. rajveer kaur

    plz tell me what i eat in my pregnency seeknees days bqz i m pregnent nd these days i m vrary seek i hv jst 7 week of pregnency but i feel vary taired nd seek all day nd had minimum 2 time vomet dealy plzzzzz tell tell me wht i m eat or wht i m dont eat bqz it is my frist pregnency nd live in newziland nd my all family live in india so thats no one here to suggest me all things

  4. Jaspreet kaur

    Okay! So, i have seen a couple of videos on ir channel before. But, this particular video made me to click dat subscribe button??
    I really liked dis food advice video..its very real. I dont like oly fruit or only veggies diet. This is a proper healthy indian diet!???

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