What the Spirit Does: The Beatitudes

What the Spirit Does: The Beatitudes

Matthew 5 ~ Pastor Bill Randles


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  1. Elizabeth Ashby

    kat kerr was there too she is the biggest liar woman i have ever heard = she is a big wolf and on how the men love this prophetess = she says that she has been to heave 1000 times and still goes because her father god calls her up to tell her about heaven for us lot to know about it = its kingdom on earth now says kat from her god and she lives in with the spirits = Do you think she is saved ?

  2. Blessed Hope

    Great message!!! Thank you Pastor Bill!!! God BLESS YOU! BTW, this message brought tears to my eye's. The HOLY SPIRIT is working in my life! Can not WAIT to see the FINISHED work HE has for me. Nothing less then a work of wondrous art BUT for the time being, I am still a sinner and in need of a SAVIOR! PRAISE Jesus for HIS FINISHED work at the CROSS! HE is MY first love, always and FOREVER! Maranatha!

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