What would our Father want from us now?

What would our Father want from us now?

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  1. Yrene Mendoza

    Tatiana I laughed because you sound very fanny to me. You should ask my parents if I honor them or not, they have the right answer. If I ask your parents how do you honor them, wha do you think is going to be their answer. I'm not judging anyone but if you feel judged is up to you.

  2. Bernhard Volk

    Thank you so much In Jin Nim for this wonderful sermon. That is really God talking. You should be the US church leader. May everybody listen to this and take this to heart. I cannot believe that anybody talks bad about True Mother, and even more so in public. Thank you for sharing your experience with your son, what a wonderful son you have! God bless you and your family!

  3. antonio inferrera

    Dear Tatiana, I don't really know about you so much, but I truly feel you as "one of us". It don't mean that I don't know who you are and from where you belong, but what I try to say is that I feel you so close in spirit and heart as a friend, as a sister, as someone near to our experiences. Some times, often, as member of our movement, we forget how much we are so precious one of another. And we forget how much is so easy to be near to someone just to show the real human face we are. I agree whit your sacred feeling toward the figure of the Parents, any parents their are! For me any parents are the Untochubles. I agree whit your words. But, must of all, I agree whit the vibrations of the emotions that you express as to be "one of you, one of us". Happy to know you…happy to know your couple and your family! Good Life to yo.. 🙂

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