Why I Love LED Light for Skin Health / Aging Support / LightStim Discount / Acne Support

Why I Love LED Light for Skin Health / Aging Support / LightStim Discount / Acne Support

Hello Everyone! I am passionate about LED Light Therapy for skin support. I am really excited to talk with you about it, and to be able to share with my …


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  1. Marta Laura Zayas

    Finally! Someone on YouTube creating content that knows what they are talking about!!!! I am so happy that you are doing this video. I'm so exciting and hope to watch more of your videos. The LightStims offers an app that will keep you on track. That is great!!! I happily subscribed to your channel and would like to ask you for a favor. Would you mind taking a look at my video, 🙁 I need a few views and comments. I think you might like it too

  2. MyGoggle Name

    Hi Jill! "LED uglies " 😲 HAHA!!! I enjoyed that!! Enjoyed this education, have missed being able to sit and enjoy your videos, will have to bing and get caught up lol. I am in the West very small farm town. Very few doctors, and we dont have anyone in your field. (Sigh!) Largest town 4 hours drive. I lived in a large City for years and miss it…SO I enjoy your videos !!! Internet shopping and UPS brings the world to me now HA! Warm Regards- Amanda

  3. Myra Lawson

    Jill, how does this help with Rosacea? I have ALWAYS had a red nose 🙄🙄. It is SO embarrassing when my nose flares up. I have been called Rudolph more times than I can count!! So how much will this help with that? Love your tips and all the help you give us!! Thank you 💝🌷🌷🌷🌷

  4. Debi W

    Hi Jill, I've had the blue light done at my dermatologist on my face for pre cancer cells. Does the red light go deeper than the blue light that I had done? You are so knowledgeable and explain it so well. Thank you for that. I love your hair by the way!!

  5. Michele KT

    Hi Jill! I was so happy to see your video on this! I use another brand of red LED refractured, heated light and I can definitely agree with you. It works!! I just read up on Light Stim and it is definitely a better product than the one I use. I wish I had known about this one before I purchased the one I have. When mine gets a little older, I'll definitely be purchasing this one!! BTW, LOVE the hair!!! Is it Eve or Straight Up With a Twist? It looks fabulous on you! 💞

  6. Simar Song

    Hi Jill! I am excited about this LED light therapy. Can you tell me if it will help with sebaceous hyperplasia? Prevent them? clear them? Would the blue light be better for them? Also will you give your expert opinion on derma rolling and old acne (pitted) scars. Possibly make another video if you need to go into depth.

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