Why We’re Fated to be Lonely

Why We’re Fated to be Lonely

Loneliness shouldn’t be seen as a strange aberration; it’s a basic feature of life we should make our peace with in good time. If you like our films, take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide…


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  1. Canis Maj0r

    You know? Most of the time i think our concepts of ideals such as what loneliness is or what it's cure is, is worse than the feeling on its own. Here you go thinking other people understanding YOU can cure loneliness. I bet it can help and it's a wonderful experience: to meet someone who suffers the same as you and feels insecure or disgusted at the same things as you or love and do the same things you do. And more so when you already accepted your loneliness or know the source of the discontent and can appreciate more the details.
    BUT, here's the thing: I think acceptance should be taken as the real cure for loneliness, because feeling misunderstood is not the same thing as feeling lonely. One does not imply the other necessarily. I think having people to accept you the way you are, even if they dont really "get you" should be enough for a truly lonely person. If you also need someone to understand you and you refuse to form bonds to people who do not (even if they do accept you), I think your issue is not loneliness but a certain lack of identity recognition (i, for example, have people to talk to all the time that kinda accepts me, but i still feel lonely because i, in general, do not belong to this community: we have too many cultural differences and I do not belong so i think "if i dont belong to a place, maybe i belong in someone's side" and i look for the legendary other half).

    Now, how about trying to understand others instead of trying to get em to understand us? Maybe they do get our shit and we just dont know because they dont know how to express it? After all, loneliness is one of the core human emotional states.

    Oh, and another thing to the guys who keep saying we dont need others to feel happy: *we are gregarious animals and we are not supposed to live by ourselves. We psychologically need the others to feel secure and happy*. Nuff said. If we were the odd bird who is actually happier alone than accompanied, we would not feel lonely in the first place, at least not so much, just a healthy bit and it would be more of this desire to be understood than actual loneliness. I agree being a whole being is a task for ourselves, but if we are sociable enough, we will need people in our lives to be happy, for this is the task of a society.

    Now said that, im f, 27, single. Who wanna talk about videogames, rock, anger issues and books? lol

  2. Unknown Native

    I doubt we are "fated" to be lonely. Damn women be fucking like their is no tomorrow. Idk i think shit is fucked up in society. Ppl don't wamt relationships and if they do they are scared to grow with someone. Alot variables are in the works.. if i was a stud i would be settled down. But my ugly ass isnt that availible lol..

  3. gamzee makara

    "we must all die alone, which really means our pain is for us to endure." Thanks, got it. Knew it already when I watched Donnie Darko 17 years ago. Knew it before that. Are you mining a rich vein of dark vibes for clicks and money here The School of Life?

  4. Frequent Videogamer

    To be honest, I've been feeling lonely even though I have friends, this may sound stupid, but I didn't have friends for most of my childhood, and after watching a show about a kid who falls in love, I realized I'll never understand that feeling of being a kid in a relationship… Because I was an outcast… I don't know how to get over this feeling, but it's driving me insane.

  5. Wilf Foster

    I've learnt to put up with being lonely, I don't enjoy it but I'm not valued by many people outside of my family and I'm stuck in an isolated area. I don't get invited out to parties or to go do stuff with friends so I've accepted it. Things should get better once I move to a city (more people, more stuff to do, etc). If they don't, well I won't think about that right now. 😞

  6. Brabazon

    You can't trust anyone really apart from good family as many people may be your friends and you will go out to parties and club etc with them but there will be a time where you ask if they are coming out an they say yeah but that they will meet you there as they are going with another friend or partner and really then you see they were going out with you cause no one else had invited them out but when someone does at the same place, they go with them.

  7. marco brenni

    If Nietzsche would have been married, his gigantic philosophy could never start: that's for sure. Almost all great philosopher were loner (Kant, Schopenhauer, etc). Creativity is often blocked by living with others.
    Carmelo Bene (a great Italian actor) said: "I'm living alone and there is still one too much"

  8. Dana Bai

    TSL, i love your videos, but i feel like you guys are giving glamour to being a loner. therefore encouraging people to stay that way, accepting it as the norm of life. maybe the reason why i feel this way, is because i used to take pride in feeling lonely. i actually thought it was a sign of a complex mind, like you've mentioned in the video… but as the time has passed i realized that i was robbing myself of pleasure of having meaningful relationships with people. i didn't "try" to get to know others and didn't open up to them, thinking "oh, whatever they won't be able to understand me anyways, i better turn to music/a movie/a book." now, i try to spend more time with real human beings . although sometimes it is hard to break the superficial shell of an individual, once you do, it is a great joy getting to know another complex mind.

    p.s.thank you for your meaningful content. also i greatly appreciate your eloquence. thanks to your videos, my english has flourished. <3 from Kazakhstan

  9. Christopher West

    Ok, so how do you explain people who connect with spirit or a higher power through their own bodies and mind? What of those souls who claim that everything is interconnected and that you can travel anywhere in the universe with your experience and that you're never actually separate? A lot of spiritual arguments say that the primary source of suffering is the feeling of separation, which this video is pretty much all about: the inherent feeling of separation from everything.

  10. Horatio Nelson

    This is clearly written by a hipster psuedo-intellectual who doesn't really feel deep loneliness for long periods of time. I've felt extremely alone for years now, I've had plenty of time to read books, self reflect and become so "alluring" and intellectual as you describe. I don't much care for it, the normies with tons of friends are more useful than me, my thoughts don't have any more inherent value than theirs, my mind isn't anymore complex than theirs, and they can actually have their thoughts heard. I guess if I had a huge ego I could wank over sitting alone with my thoughts, but looking objectively, it's pretty clear that my thoughts are average, by definition, because I am an average normal person.

    Loneliness is just painful, and generally shit, it actually saps my motivation to do these brilliant feats you claim lonely people can do. Unlike you, though, I don't believe lonely people are some sort of ubermensch living on the edge of society. I also don't believe that people need to share all my thoughts and feelings for me to be close to them, unlike you. I actually like and want to be challenged in that way, I want to meet people that aren't like me. I spend all day everyday with access to myself, why would I want to meet people that are just copies of me? Obviously there needs to be some common ground, like I wouldn't be friends with a rapist or someone who kept wanking themselves off publicly on Youtube amateur philosophy videos or something, but this idea that we are alone because no one else is like us seems to stem from your own ego.

    Also, please speak in plain fucking English, you could cut the video length in half, easily, if you took the thesaurus out of your ass. It reminds me of the essays I'd write in high school where I tried being all crazy with wording and sentence structure to wank myself off intellectually, and ended up writing rambly nonsense.

  11. Rachel Tat

    " Loneliness is simply a price we may have to pay for holding onto a sincere, ambitious view of what companionship must – and could – be." This. I was feeling particularly down about how much I struggle to make friendships and I was very depressed about how hard making a meaningful relationship is. This line really resonated with me. I feel a lot more at peace and accepting of myself. Thank you so much for your videos.

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