Your Words Become Your Reality – Joel Osteen

Your Words Become Your Reality – Joel Osteen

Did you know that your words are like seeds? In fact, you are where you are today because of what you’ve been saying about yourself. That’s why Joel created …


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  1. Manisha Sinchewry

    sometimes I think a lot about my future but sermons of Joel osteen help me to live happily and I don't think much and say myself that everything will be alright and all my dreams will come true . thanks Joel for such an inspirational sermon may god bless u .

  2. Lucy Sandoval

    All these "feel good words" are not going to save you from hell. All I heard is I,I,I, You, you, you the this life is not about you. This life your life is about what Jesus did at the cross for mankind how his blood cleansed you from your sins you were bought at a price!. Also the resurrection that makes him and him only the true living God. There is nothing you could ever ever do alone to be right with God. Only with Jesus you are made clean, redeemed and justified. Don't let the devil steal the only good thing we have. Heaven is at hand for everyone through Jesus Christ. May the all the glory be to Jesus always and forever.

  3. Heidi Killian

    x Joel Olsteen and saved me from a lot of grief too and he appealed me made me change my behavior makes me want to do the right thing and the Jewish God wants me to do instead of doing what the devil wants to do and my multiple personalities are getting less and less

  4. Gregoriogre nguema

    Joel your words are so powerful and have made understood why I was still leaving in to the same problem and GOD could not answer my prayers eventouhg I did fast and pray but after watching your videos I now know what to do to fix all those problems I have being facing and my GOD bless you

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