Youthfulness, Anti-Aging Subliminal (Audio + Visual)

Youthfulness, Anti-Aging Subliminal (Audio + Visual)

Youthfulness, Anti-Aging Subliminal. Subscribe: Watch in HD. Headphones/Earphones are optional. Use this subliminal video often to …


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  1. B R

    Few queries ………

    1) I have recently started listening to a Perfect Health Sub … if I listen to this Anti Ageing sub of yours do I need to use that. Also do I need to listen to a Perfect Skin, Perfect Vision sub if I am listening to this ??

    2) Are result permanent ??

    3) Does this contain Binaurals, Frequencies ??

    4) And can I download to mp4 or mp3 and watch/listen ??

    Please reply …….

  2. Negra Ramirez

    This is very effective i listened to this last night while i fell asleep and it has me feeling very alert,vibrant,youthful,energetic nothing on me is aching im 48 yrs old and i feel good i mean absobutely nothing i feel better then i have in a long time 😉💋ty so much for this… and also look a lil more youthful 😍 godbless keep up the nice work

  3. Therese Sorrell

    I have only bean listening to this couple of days, and think I look younger already, I am a grand mother. Maybe everybody here are very young, therefore there are no positive feedback about age here. I have bean watching Jamz beauty and charm. Listening to all 5 with amazing results. So I know his stuff is working.🤸‍♀️💝😘🌈

  4. LeAnna

    After I listened to this, I went to Walmart. I was drawn to the clearance table. Interestingly enough the first thing I spotted was bday candles for a 29 year old. On the package it read 29 again. 😍. My biological age is 45 btw.


    Jamz. Love and still a fan of your creative video creations. Now, feel free to instead of "…look 20 years…" you can state become 20 years old, have a biological age of 20 years old etc… and etc…and etc…. We are literally gods and goddesses created in his image and likeness Genesis 1 v 27 & "Ye are gods and children of the Most High God." Bible Psalm 82 v 6. As gods and goddesses we can manifest or co create with the Creator. BELIEF makes this work. Thanks for posting.

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