Zero Waste Deodorant – DIY – 3 Ingredients

Zero Waste Deodorant – DIY – 3 Ingredients

Deodorant Recipe: 1/2 cup melted coconut oil 3/4 cup baking soda 40 drops essential oil of choice Keep mixing until all the baking soda is mixed in. Come say …


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  1. Elizabeth Dunsby

    This is brilliant! I have been buying natural deodorants for a couple of years and always wanted to make my own. This is so simple! I just found your channel and think it's wonderful!! Thank you so so much, please keep sharing 🙏💜

  2. Alice Collet

    Hi this is a great recipe, I used to do it this way but the baking soda was really irritating, so I only use Arrowroot powder instead…
    Just be careful when you talk about essential oils, some are not recommended to be applied on the skin (like the citruses ones, that have a photosensiting effect, or other ones that can be toxic if used in great quantities).
    For a deodorant, I think that Tea tree essential oil and Palmarosa essential oil are the best !

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